Hydroforming panels for refrigerated cabinets


side and bottom panels for refrigerators

We develop customized and innovative components for the refrigeration industry: side and bottom panels for refrigerators (cabinets, counters, refrigerated prep tables) made using hydroforming technology. This technique, in fact, guarantees maximum hygiene and quality of neutral and refrigerated elements.


In the professional kitchens the sides panles for refrigerated cabinets and prep table with hydroformed rails are considered the optimal solution for the simplicity of their design, robustness and easy cleaning. Since that the traditional molding technique is not very effective because it generates flatness problems and unsightly ripples, we’ve been using the hydroforming technology to design our components for decades. That solution, indeed, avoids any problems as well as ensures low costs. The result is an AISI 304 stainless steel panel with an excellent aesthetics, flatness and cleanliness of lines.


Our company, therefore, is able to create sides and bottom hydroformimg panels for refrigerated cabinets, trolleys door-meal and dishwasher.

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