Backed by Inoxveneta's expertise and innovation in processing stainless steel

Inoxveneta's expertise and ongoing innovation in processing stainless steel using leading-edge technologies inspires the Compex  business unit that specializes in designing and manufacturing a standard range of high-quality, reliable products, including side rails for professional refrigeration systems and industrial kitchen components (cooktops, side and bottom panels for  refrigerated tables and cabinets).

Compex also manufactures stainless steel electrical enclosures (go to the website).

Quality, service and efficiency all over the world

We serve the most renowned manufacturers of professional kitchen components across the five continents by always offering excellent quality, impeccable service and maximum efficiency. Constantly evolving technologies and advanced design and manufacturing solutions are the pillars of our commitment towards our clients.


Compex is the ideal partner for manufacturers of professional kitchen equipment that are looking for high-quality components and accessories. Our team's expertise, know-how and versatility in designing efficient, functional, durable products ensure we can meet all of our clients' requirements.

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