Flexibility of the lengths

From 300 to 750 mm we can produce – besides the standard cadenced lengths from 50 mm to 50 mm – also slide rails in every length, in order to meet the most various requirements of our customers.


The materials used for the guide production (stainless steel and acetalic resin) are absolutely suitable for the sector of food processing.

Stainless materials

The slide rails are made of top-quality AISI 304 stainless steel. Even the pins, on which the acetalic resin balls are fixed, are made of stainless steel.

Load capacity

Our guides meet the most various load requirements of the drawer. According to the model and the work run (the more the work run is long, the smaller is the load capacity) the telescopic guides present a dynamic load capacity between 60 and 40 kg. The linear guides have a dynamic load capacity of 50 kg.

Resin balls

We have chosen an absolutely reliable and durable product. That’s why we use resin balls instead of traditional bearings, because even the best bearing can be affected by different negative factors (dirt, fat, different substances, etc.) and present signs of wear or operating troubles. Our balls are the result of a carefully technologic research in the plastic materials. This allows us to create a:

  • food compatible
  • high strength
  • durable component


We’ve tried to develop a durable and reliable product from the beginning. Our guides are subjected to strong tests by using a device that simulates the opening and closing cycles of the drawer. The results are extremely positive, so that we can guarantee that our telescopic guide GT01/1 model can resist without problems to at least 50.000 (fifty thousand!) opening and closing cycles of the full loaded drawer.

Spare parts

If you use our guides, you can simply forget the utilization of spare parts!

Hook fixing system

As shown in our catalogue we can also deliver slide rails with hooks that allow a very simple installation in your appliance. The hook fixing system is extremely reliable and at the same time advantageous, because it reduces the installation costs. Contrary to other producers we sell our guides with hook fixing system to the same price of the slide rails with traditional screw and rivet fixing system.


The linear guides of the GS 51/4 series and the telescopic guides of the GT01/4 and GT01/5 series can be interchanged, because they present the same space between the drawer and the mounting of the piece of furniture as well as the same fixing system. Therefore you can have only one fixing scheme for every requirement and decide at the last moment if you want to mount a single extension or a telescopic guide in your appliance.

Work run adjustment

We offer to the customer, that starts with our basic models, different combinations of drawer’s work run and the load capacity, according to his requirements. Remember, that the dynamic load capacity decreases with the increase of the work run.

A successful system

Our products are used in many catering equipment, so that we are able to show a lot of qualified references in this field. If you visit some International trade fairs, you will notice that our slide rails are used by many producers of refrigerated tables and cabinets, neutral tables, drawer elements for pizza and equipment for professional kitchens. All that is possible thanks to our efficient customer service:

  • short times of delivery
  • reliable deliveries

Assembling Instructions

The proper working of the drawer unit does not only depend on the guide’s quality but also on the precision used to realize the other parts of the unit.

About the construction of the drawer and the fixing system of the slide rails, is very important to keep the construction tolerances indicated in our catalogues and in our technical documentation. Our technical department is always at your disposal, in order to offer assistance for the best use of our products.

Our slide rails are placed two by two in the cardboard boxes. The same box will therefore contain both the left and the right element of the slide rail pair. As to the telescopic guides, the element that has to be fixed to the drawer is packed in a separated box. If you prefer to receive all elements of the telescopic guide in the same box, please indicate it on your order.

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